Technical and Product Assistance Policy

We are always happy to provide technical and product assistance to our customers via the “Contact Us” links found on the website, or by email at: [email protected]

Why do our technicians only provide this kind of communication in writing and not over the telephone for our customers?

The answer is pretty simple actually. In many years of customer service, we have found that a clear, written response almost always prevents any misunderstanding, and it also allows for the customer to be able to go back and reference the answers to the questions he/she may have had about a product or installation.

Example: The customer asks, “Hello, could you please tell me what needs to be enabled or turned on for my new brake controller to work in my 2009 F-150 that I recently purchased?”

The response would be: “After installation, your F-150 may need it’s Smart Junction Box “enabled” (flashed/programmed) to recognize the newly installed brake control module. This must be done at any Ford or Lincoln dealership. Price varies from dealership to dealership for this service. Note: Some independent shops may have the tools and ability to help you as well, but you would have to ask your independent shop to be sure.”

Then the customer goes to his regular independent shop that he/she has used for years, and he forgets what it is that has to be enabled/flashed/programmed. Bummer, right? No!, because he can quickly reference the answer our technicians provided to him/her in writing, and then inquire as to if his local independent shop has what is needed to help him. Had he obtained this information with “a quick phone call”, he could easily forget, or get confused as to what it is that he needs to have done to the vehicle.

So for that reason, we only provide technical and product assistance in writing, in an effort to better, and more accurately serve our customers.

It’s fast, accurate, and efficient, and we’re always happy to help! So contact us anytime.

-The Ford Parts One Team
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