Spring Center Bolt Set 1999-2004 F250 F350

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Spring Center Bolt Set 1999-2004 F250 F350

Front Center Bolt Set For Leaf Spring Equipped Trucks 1999-2004 Ford F-250/F-350 4×4 Trucks*

(2) Bolts & (2) Nuts per order**.

*Fits many other applications as well

** 7/16″ x 5″ Premium Spring Center Bolts w/Nuts

Spring Center Bolt Set 1999-2004 F250 F350

In a leaf spring assembly, one of the most important pieces is the center bolt. At the center of each leaf is a hole. The bolt gets slotted through this hole in each of the four, five or more leaves that comprise a spring. Effectively, the center bolt holds the leaves together and puts them in contact with the axle. The center bolt head connects to the axle, which gives the truck its rear suspension in combination with the leaf springs.

Despite its importance, the center bolt is also one of the most potentially vulnerable parts of a leaf spring. Ensuring the center bolt does not break due to the flexing of leaves requires another component to keep the leaves bound tightly together in the form of a spring assembly. For this purpose, U-bolts bind leaf springs together.

Spring Center Bolt Set 1999-2004 F250 F350

On each side of the center bolt, U-bolts clamp the leaves into a tight spring. The center bolt relies on the U-bolts and vice versa to maintain solid leaf springs on both sides of the rear axle of a truck. Consequently, if the U-bolts are too loose, the center bolt could eventually break due to pressure from the flexing leaves.

For the U-bolts to do their job properly, the right amount of torque specs need to fasten them. This spares the leaf spring from troublesome movements that could damage the leaves, the axle and especially the center bolt.
On trucks where the U-bolts are not sufficiently fastened, the damage typically occurs in the following order — first the center bolt breaks, then the individual leaves of the spring give way more rapidly due to cracks caused by flexing motions each leaf makes against the surface of its neighbor.
Leaf spring center bolt removal can be tricky or easy, depending on the type of grip you manage to get on the pin. While it can come in handy to know how to remove the center pin from a leaf spring, you might find it best to replace the leaf spring entirely.


Inspect your leaf springs for cracks, chips and corrosion. Do the leaves appear worn? If not, you might just need a new center bolt. If the leaf springs got installed a short time ago or if the vehicle itself is relatively new, the problem could just come down to a weak center pin. Whether you need to change the center bolts or replace the leaf springs, you will need to access the rear suspension.
inspect leaf springs
To change out a center bolt or a leaf spring, you will need the following tools:
  • Floor jack
  • Pliers
  • Jack stand
  • Pry bar

Spring Center Bolt Set 1999-2004 F250 F350

Do one spring at a time. This way, you can have a pre-installed example to use as your guide in case you get confused as you apply the first spring.
  1. Take the floor jack and pump the rear of the truck high enough to expose your rear-axle assembly.
  2. Place both jack stands under the truck on each side.
  3. Take out the lower bolt from the shock absorber.
  4. Lower the axle to remove some of the pressure from the leaf springs.
  5. Unfasten and set aside the spring-retainer bracket and U-bolts.
  6. Loosen the rear shackle bolt and take out the front and rear eye bolts.
  7. Remove the leaf spring.
If the leaves are in good condition, remove and replace the center bolt. Use vise grips on the rounded head and a socket on the other side to pull out the pin. Alternately, replace the entire leaf spring with a new center bolt. Reapply the leaf spring in the following order:
  1. Place the front bushing of the replacement spring into the front mounting bracket.
  2. Apply the front eye bolt and nut.
  3. Align the rear bushing and shackle of the new leaf spring.
  4. Install the rear eye bolt and nut.
  5. Raise or lower the axle to insert the center bolt of the new leaf spring into the axle pad.
  6. Apply the U-bolts and retainer bracket.
  7. Repeat these steps on the other side.
Lower the truck and take it out for a test ride. If your ride feels smoother and the truck remains even and stable regardless of road irregularities, you have successfully completed your first DIY leaf-spring replacement.
Spring Center Bolt Set 1999-2004 F250 F350

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Spring Center Bolt Set 1999-2004 F250 F350

Spring Center Bolt Set 1999-2004 F250 F350

Spring Center Bolt Set 1999-2004 F250 F350

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