CCV Open Breather Kit

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CCV Open Breather Kit

CCV Open Breather Kit

The Crankcase Ventilation Open Breather Kit for 2007-18 Dodge Cummins 6.7L trucks replaces the discontinued S&B Part Number SBF-77-1000, and will keep your intake tube, turbo and intercooler free of oily crankcase buildup which can reduce the performance and potentially accelerate the wear and tear on engine components.

With S&B Discontinuing the 77-1000, the Vendor Change is to Prefered Vendor and ships from Ford Parts One.

Note: A tuner will be required to avoid receiving a check engine light code. Please read the important legal disclaimers listed below.

Technical Specifications

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Street Legal In All US StatesNo

Vehicle Applications

2018DodgeRam 2500L6-6.7L, Diesel
2018DodgeRam 3500L6-6.7L, Diesel
2017DodgeRam 2500L6-6.7L, Diesel
2017DodgeRam 3500L6-6.7L, Diesel
2016DodgeRam 2500L6-6.7L, Diesel
2016DodgeRam 3500L6-6.7L, Diesel
2015DodgeRam 2500L6-6.7L, Diesel
2015DodgeRam 3500L6-6.7L, Diesel
2014DodgeRam 2500L6-6.7L, Diesel
2014DodgeRam 3500L6-6.7L, Diesel
2013DodgeRam 2500L6-6.7L, Diesel
2013DodgeRam 3500L6-6.7L, Diesel
2012DodgeRam 2500L6-6.7L, Diesel
2012DodgeRam 3500L6-6.7L, Diesel
2011DodgeRam 2500L6-6.7L, Diesel
2011DodgeRam 3500L6-6.7L, Diesel
2010DodgeRam 2500L6-6.7L, Diesel
2010DodgeRam 3500L6-6.7L, Diesel
2009DodgeRam 2500L6-6.7L, Diesel
2009DodgeRam 3500L6-6.7L, Diesel
2008DodgeRam 2500L6-6.7L, Diesel
2008DodgeRam 3500L6-6.7L, Diesel
2007DodgeRam 2500L6-6.7L, Diesel
2007DodgeRam 3500L6-6.7L, Diesel

Why You Need This

In the past, crankcase blowby gases have been vented into the atmosphere. With all the new emissions requirements, Cummins has transitioned to a closed crankcase ventilation (CCV) system. The CCV system works by directing the blowby gases into your air intake tube, so that it is consumed by the engine. This results in a buildup of oil residue inside the intake system including the intake tube, turbo compressor, intercooler, and intake valves. This buildup can reduce the cooling efficiency of the intercooler, degrade rubber couplers, contribute to carbon deposits on the intake valves, and reduce the performance potential of the engine.

Legal Disclaimers

  • This product is not CARB exempt and cannot be used in any states, including California, where prohibited. This product should only be used for Off-Road and Race applications.
  • This product may or may not void your warranty. Customer must install and use this product at their own risk. S&B, Nor Ford Parts One is responsible for any damage caused by this product or for the cost of any repairs should the dealer void your warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

CCV Open Breather Kit

  1. Q: Can I delete the ccv filter under the valve cover when using this product?A: The oem crankcase filter is capturing most of the oil vapors in the blow-by gases. The breather filter is not designed to provide the same functionality and may get saturated with oil vapors quickly if the oem crankcase filter is removed. S&B & Ford Parts One does not recommend removing the oem crankcase filter.
  2. Q: Will I need a tuner to use this product without getting a check engine light?A: Yes, in most situations, a custom tune or programmer will be required to use this product without getting an check engine light.
  3. Q: Will oil leak out from the crankcase?It is possible that some oil may leak out of the filter, however the 90 degree elbow we have provided helps to minimize oil leakage and redirect oil back into the crankcase. Over time, the breather filter may become saturated with oil and may start dripping slowly. Cleaning the crankcase filter as described below will regularly will prevent this from happening.
  4. Q: Does S&B or Ford Parts One make a similar product for other applications?S&B has discontinued the 77-1000 and Ford Parts One has began using this replacement.  We understand S&B’s engineering team is currently researching other applications for this product. You can track our progress on the R&D page of our website.
  5. Q: How do I clean the crankcase filter?A: Wash the crankcase filter with warm, soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Allow the filter to air dry or place it in front of a small fan. Do not use a hair dryer as the hot air can damage the filter media.


CCV Open Breather Kit

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