6C3Z 6C640 A Connection Air Inlet 2003 2010 F250 F350 6.0L

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Ford F250 F350 6.0 Turbo Diesel Turbo Air Inlet Hose New Genuine Ford Part 6C3Z-6C640-B

Connector Silicone Hose (Blue) Positioned at Turbocharger (Turbocharger to Intercooler Pipe)

6C3Z-6C640-A Genuine Ford Motor Company Part

2003-2010 6.0L Powerstroke Diesel OEM Ford Pipe to Charge Air Cooler Hot Side Boot at Turbo

Common failure of original hose, typically leaking oil or showing signs of leaking or covered with oil and dirt accumulation. 

Typical leaking hose attributes to low power or lack of boost and oil leaks and air leaks.  Relatively easy replacement correcting these concerns and restoring full power and boost.

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