3 Inch MAXX LIFT Kit Early Build 1999 F250 F350 Trucks 4×4

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This kit is configured for the 1999 Early Build F250/F350 Only!  For Late Build 99-2004 Models, please see other listings.

The 3″ MAXX Leveling Kit gives you the absolute MOST lift you can use on the early build 1999 F250 & F350 Super Duty Trucks without moving up to a full-suspension kit that includes replacement front springs. No matter if you have a Diesel or one of the Gas models, you simply can’t get more lift from a leveling kit than the 3″ MAXX-LIFT KIT, all in one easy, convenient package. Typical lift amounts of 3″ for most F250/F350 Trucks. Easily Fit 33.5’s without trimming and up to 35.5’s with proper offset wheels and minor trimming. For 10 years we have been lifting these trucks, and we have now, MAXX-ed Out the lifting of the Super Duty!

  • Installation skill level: 2 of 5
  • Estimated install time: 3 hrs
  • Max tire size: 36 x 13.50
  • Wheel size: 16 x 8
  • Back spacing: 4.5″


Note: Kit will work on the early build 1999 ONLY!

Weight 69.9 lbs


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